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Staff Profiles

This is a listing of staff profiles for Heritage Environmental

Mark Bates Profile Picture

Mark Bates, HND, MCIEEM, IFM

Director of Ecology

Mark is HEL’s founder and Director of Ecology. He has over 25 years' experience in ecology (NCC, JNCC, SNH and consultancy), specialising in Habitats Regulations Appraisal and EcIA of development projects (e.g. forestry, rail, road, renewable, urban and industrial). Mark is experienced in ecological survey and mitigation and holds SFCC certification in electrofishing.

Tel: 07505 501216 Email:

Simon green Profile Picture

Simon Green, MSc, BSc (Hons), MCIEEM

Principal Ecologist

Simon is HEL’s Principal Ecologist and manages and leads HEL’s team of in-house ecologists. He has over 20 years' professional ecological experience in the statutory, charitable and private sectors. Simon has a broad spectrum of ecological knowledge, specialising in ornithological and habitat assessment and is also expert in GIS.

Tel: 07570 670974 Email:

David Dowse Profile Picture

David Dowse, BLE, MCIEEM

Assistant Principal Ecologist

David provides support to HEL’s Principal Ecologist. He has been with HEL since 2005 and has extensive experience in ecological survey, assessment and mitigation, especially in respect of protected mammal species. David is a certified tree climber and is an SNH Licensed Bat Worker. He holds SFCC certification in electrofishing.

Tel: 07570 670979 Email:

Scott Knowles Profile Picture

Scott Knowles, MSc, BSc (Hons), MCIEEM

Senior Ecologist

Scott is a Senior Ecologist with 18 years’ experience in independent consultancy. He has a broad range of ecological skills, including survey, ecological clerk of works and EcIA. He holds SFCC certification in electrofishing and has over 16 years’ experience in planning and undertaking freshwater pearl mussel survey and assessment.

Tel: 07570 670973 Email:

Jayne Mitchell Profile Picture

Jayne Mitchell

Office Manager

Jayne is HEL’s office manager. She is responsible for the day to day running of the office and key administrative functions, including health and safety, quality control, accounts, employment and project coordination.

Tel: 07570 670972 Email:

Jonathan Daisley Profile Picture

Dr. Jonathan Daisley, Ph.D., BSc (Hons), ACIEEM

Senior Ecologist

Jonathan is an ornithological specialist with over 10 years’ professional experience. Jonathan has a background in scientific research in the field of avian biology and is a BTO licensed bird ringer. He has undertaken Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW) responsibilities on a broad range of projects and he provides a key role in statistical analyses within the company.

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Ian Woodman, BSc (Hons), ACIEEM

Consultant Ecologist

Ian is a specialist in bat ecology with more than 4 years' professional experience. Early in his career he has developed a strong proficiency in ecological surveying for protected mammals and providing on-the-ground Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) services for development projects. Currently, Ian provides a key role in the company's bat call analysis. Ian is a ceritified tree climber, who is working towards his personal SNH Bat Worker Licence, making him a member of HEL's arb-ecology team.

Tel: 07570670976 Email:

Steven Duncan, BSc (Hons), ACIEEM

Consultant Ecologist

Steven is a Consultant Ecologist who has been working with HEL since 2015. He is an accomplished ecologist who specialises in bats and is experienced in survey and assessment of a range of protected species and UK habitats. Steven is an experienced Ecological Clerk of Work (ECoW) and has provided services on a range of small and large scale projects. He has held a SNH bat roost licence since 2018 and gained his tree climbing and aerial rescue qualification in 2016.

Tel: 07570670977 Email:

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