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Collection of Bat Data

20 October 2015

Over the last two years, Heritage Environmental Ltd have run a project that involves the collection of bat data in order to be able to better describe bat activity (e.g. of a wind farm site) when encountered through survey work.  There is an increasing awareness of the potential issues that development (such as windfarms) pose to bat species, and a corresponding increase in the level of survey and assessment required by statutory authorities.  Currently there is no centralised collection of data and hence an obvious knowledge gap when it comes to  contexting and assessing specific site data.

This paper presents a technique for assessing bat activity and provides the ability to begin to standardise commonly applied techniques such as 'low or high activity' in an objective and comparitive manner.  It is therefore proposed that the analyses presented within this paper contribute towards the development of an industry-wide standard assessment methodology.

HEL have agreed to support and work with the University of Exeter Biosciences department in taking the bat activity project forward.  The University of Exeter have been working seperately on producing bat activity  reference ranges and are investing in the development of a website which will have the capapcity to generate an instant output (i.e. percentile level and if this is classified as 'high', 'moderate' or 'low' activity stratified by a series of geographical, environmental and location variables).

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