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HEL completed the initial studies for the ecological baseline in relation to the redevelopment of the former steelworks at Gartcosh. Initial surveys identified a large population of great crested newt in future development areas. HEL developed a mitigation strategy on behalf of the client in consultation with SNH, the Scottish Government, and North Lanarkshire Council.

Mitigation for great crested newt included the design and creation of a new 29 ha nature reserve (Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve). HEL were part of the design team and provided detailed design plans for the Reserve’s 22 pond and associated wetland and terrestrial habitats. We then supervised pond construction and planting, the translocation of valuable habitat, including fen and marsh vegetation, and other habitat creation works.

Following creation of the reserve, HEL undertook a three year translocation of great crested newt (and other amphibians) from future development areas to the Reserve. The translocation represents the most extensive undertaken to date in Scotland. The Reserve now supports the country’s largest population of great crested newt.

Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve

Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve work to build newt habitat

Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve finished newt habitat

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