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Amphibian and Reptile Survey and Assessment

Our team of SNH licensed herpetofauna surveyors undertake survey and assessment of great crested newt and other amphibians, including smooth newt, palmate newt, common frog and common toad. We also complete surveys of adder, common lizard and slow worm.

HEL have a wealth of experience in great crested newt (GCN) survey and assessment work. We have developed novel GCN survey methods to produce EcIAs. We have performed major licensed translocation work, which included the relocation of Scotland’s largest great crested newt population. We have also undertaken habitat design and creation, plus production and execution of management plans for a number of populations throughout Central Scotland.

HEL have prepared GCN Species Action Plans for local authorities, delivered species training to local authorities and statutory regulators and undertaken extensive surveys on behalf of SNH.

Examples of HEL’s projects.Contact Mark Bates for further details on Amphibian and Reptile Survey and Assessment.

Lizard on fallen branches

Adder in hand

Lizard in hand

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